Marketing and Support System

    • Coldwell Banker Legacy Magazine

      New Mexico’s Largest Full-Color Real Estate Publication! This is an incredible listing tool and your entire listing inventory is included in every issue at NO COST. We even take the photos and write the ad copy for you!

    • Video Marketing

      Coldwell Banker Legacy works hard to provide a visual advantage. Every property receives a YouTube photo video tour, and have the option to do an OnLocation video or circle pix 360 degree tour.

    • IQOffice

      Coldwell Banker Legacy’s Intranet site that allows you to go inside the private side of Legacy’s web-world and discover the many additional FREE tools available to help run your business efficiently. With this software, you have the ability to manage your online listings, stay in touch with your clients and order professional web and print marketing materials.

    • Optimized Home-buying Website is the leading real estate website in New Mexico. With over 72,000 total web visits a month, this is the best way to market your listings.

    • Free Personal Website

      Make yourself more approachable to Buyers and Sellers by personalizing your website. The rapid changes in technology have changed from just door-to-door handshakes to an online introduction.